We inspect and check each step of the process to assure the highest quality, but we would like you to review the wheels and ensure you are completely satisfied with them. Please inspect and save all packing materials that came with your wheels, if there is any evident damage to the packaging or to the wheels it is imperative to document it now. If there is a problem due to shipping, you must take some photos and send the evidence at: support@bladexcycle.com


1. Due to the thermostatic of carbon material and structure of the Clincher Wheel, the braking surface of the Clincher Wheels take both the pressure from the tire and the heating form the braking, so reduce long lasting braking will signally extend the life of clincher wheels.

2. Installing the brake within the suggested brake area will signally extend the life of clincher wheels, and try not to use continuous braking, let the heat radiated.

3. Keep clincher rims at 120 psi MAX, which ensures that tires will not go over pressure when hot from braking and also leads to increased tire life.

4. Use only BladeX X-Ceramic brake pads.


Rim Tape for Clincher Rims

A thin plastic or fabric rim strip should be used with these rims for proper performance. Usually BladeX rim tapes will be included in the wheelset’s package.