Carbon Wheels Free Shipping

We can deliver our products to almost any locations in the world. Our Express Mail Service will transport the package directly to your address, and a tracking number will be provided so that you can get the real time location of your package.

The Express Mail Service usually takes 4-7 days to various countries.

After we receive your order, if the rims are in stock, we immediately start to apply decals and hand-build them, the wheels will stay for 1-2 days for stress releasing, then we will check again to ensure the wheels are trued. So usually it takes us up to 5 days to ship your order out after your order.

ABOUT THE TAX-FREE SERVICE - Only For Europe Cusomers

Besides Free Shipping service, we also offer Tax-Free Shipping Service for Europe customers.
By choosing this service, Europe customers don’t have to deal with the custom, don’t have to pay any custom duty for the order with BladeX.

For goods imported to Europe, the European customs usually charges a certain rate(18%-25%) of custom duty from buyers. This service will greatly save your time and cost.

We have set a office in Europe to do the custom work, the package will be cleared by our office in Europe and redirect to customers.

If you need this service, go to your Check Out Page, select the option “Tax-Free Shipping”, then check out with your Credit Card or PayPal account.


Carbon Wheels Packing Care

In order to protect the products from the impact during the long distance shipping, we designed a special box for our bike wheels, it has strong inside structure to hold the wheels tight, and keep a buffer zone between wheels and outer box.

The wheels are 30 degree aligned by 2 covers(top and bottom), which has 2 benefits:

1. It creates a buffer room for wheels, so they don’t contact each other directly.

2. It makes the box smaller, which save a little for our environment.


Carbon Wheels Shipping Insurance

Besides the specially designed packing, for every order shipped by us, we purchase insurance, because we just want to make the whole purchasing system 100% save for our customers. In case there is destruction to the package or loss, in the course of shipment, you will get recompense. If there is partial destruction to the items, we will submit cash for fixing.

Please kindly take photos for proof in case you believe the items are destroyed when you obtain them. If the items are lost, we will initiate another shipping of similar items immediately.

2015 records indicate that incidents of destruction and loss are none; this is because we pack the products extremely efficiently, with package, which is particularly designed.