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  • EN17481 Passed: Racing Bicycle – Safety requirements and test methods
  • X-Rim Shape
  • Torayca® T800 Carbon Fiber
  • X-Layup Technology
  • X-Ceramic Brake System
  • Ceramic Bearings
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Safety and Reliability

Because rider safety is our number one concern, every BladeX wheels undergo rigorous testing under strict EN standards including Forward Strength, Lateral Torsion, and Spoke Hole Tension.

A final hand inspection is then conducted by our trained experts to ensure the utmost in safety and reliability. Ride in confidence knowing your BladeX wheels are built to your demanding standards.

Please refer to our third-party TÜV test report available below:

TÜV EN14781 Test Report forward_compressive_strenth_38cFull Version
Hybrid Toroidal + U Shape

“V” Shape

In early aero carbon wheel designs, “V” shape were the classic standard. This shape reduced the aerodynamic drag from zero angle but proved to be highly unstable in crosswind conditions.

“Toroidal” Shape

Then “Toroidal” shape showed up as a new design. The “Toroidal” shape were wider apart between brake track and spoke wall. This shape further reduced aerodynamic drag than the “V” shape did and contributed to better crosswind handling.

Hybrid Toroidal+U Shape

We use the most advanced design available today, we call it X-Rim Shape. While maintaining the “Toroidal” shape, the X-Rim Shape increases the spoke wall side to make it wider and shaped like “U”. On a “U” shaped wheel, the leading edge on the front half of the wheel is nearly symmetrical to the leading edge on the back half of the wheel.

X-Rim Shape wheels keep the advantages of the “Toroidal” shape and further improves the stability on the back half of the wheel thus providing the ultimate in rider control.

Wider Tire – Part of the aero system

Why Wider Tires Make You Faster

One thing people may not have considered is that tire shape plays and integral part in the overall wheel aero system. This is due to the tire facing forward air when in cross wind.

A wider tire with the right tire pressure will provide better crosswind aerodynamic performance. A wider tire creates a curved teardrop form. Not only is the air turbulence around the U-shaped rim less, but the bike is also easier to handle in crosswinds, given that the wind curls around the surface. Older deep-V sectioned rims were almost always a struggle in a crosswind and subjected riders to unpredictable handling characteristics. This is not the case with wider rims and tires.

A 25mm tire experiences less rolling resistance than a 23mm tire at the same air pressure, we don’t have to dig too deep into the science of this case. It is all attributed to the contact patch. At equal pressure, a 25mm tire has a “wider but shorter” contact patch, while a 23mm tire has a “slimmer but longer” contact patch. The increase in the required deflection of the latter example equates to spending more energy “into deforming the material.” This is pretty well demonstrated by this chart from Continental:

untitled 8 15 13 13 10 11

Photo Courtesy of Continental

It is obvious from the above photo that less energy will be wasted on material deformation with a 25mm tire at equal pressure. In other words, you’ll go faster, and get more speed, comfort, and handling.


Torayca® T800 CARBON FIBER
Stiffer but Lighter

Needless to say, carbon fiber material is the first and most important thing for a carbon wheel, it determines the strength and stiffness of a carbon wheel. In other words, if we want to make a high performance wheel, we have to choose the right carbon fiber.

There are several manufacturers supplying carbon fiber but as we all know in the cycling industry, Torayca is considered the best. Torayca’s carbon fiber are used in the tail of the Boeing 777 and the fuselage of the Boeing 787, as well as various types of high end sporting goods further adding to the testament of their strength and popularity across disciplines. We also choose Torayca as our exclusive supplier.

The chart below consists of data from Torayca. Basically, higher Tensile Strength makes a wheel stiffer and higher Tensile Modulus makes a wheel stronger (not easy to break).

As you can see from the chart, T800 Tensile Modulus is 36% higher than T700. When carbon fiber is layered in different directions, a T800 wheel will be at least 36% stronger than an identically layered T700.

Additionally, T800 is 10% stiffer than T700 thus providing an increase in power transfer you can feel.

By using T800 material, we are able to achieve higher durability by applying the same amount of material. This allows us to reduce 2 layers of carbon fiber in certain low key areas to provide further weight reduction all while not effecting the overall integrity of the wheel. This leads to our ability to create a wheel that is stiffer but lighter.

X-Balance Design: Smooth transition between major parts

In X-Balance Design technology, each joint inside the rim is perfectly handled and doubled reinforced. The force from the tire, braking, and spokes are spread throughout the whole rim. X-Balance design is the base foundation to our rim durability.

X-Layup: Brake Track & Spoke Hole

In order to increase the durability of the wheel, we add extra layers of carbon fibers to certain major sections of the rim.

35+4 Layer Spoke Hole Wall

Spoke holes account for most of the weight. By using as many as 39 layers on the spoke hole wall, the rims take on an extremely stiff and durable form. Our strict testing standards require every spoke hole on the X Series Rim take 300kgf strength without cracking.

Extra 4 Layers on the Brake Track

4 extra layers of carbon material are added to the brake track to further increase durability and safety while hardly effecting overall wheel weight.

With X-Ceramic Brake System, You Don’t Need Alloy To Have Excellent Braking.

We have been constantly testing and improving the performance of our braking surface. The Basalt Fiber material used in our Pro wheels line proved to work much better than the original carbon fiber. Now we have found an even better solution by applying Ceramic Fiber on the brake track. The Ceramic Fiber maintains much better heat resistance than Basalt Fiber.

Most importantly, Ceramic Fiber’s heat radiance is much better than the carbon fiber and Basalt Fiber thus putting an end to Carbon Clincher braking issue.

The Benefits of Using Ceramic Bearings
It’s simple to understand that smooth rolling can make your power more efficient, allow you to go faster, and the smooth braking can lead to better overall control. We make our wheels roll and brake smoothly by applying special proprietary material into the wheel’s design. In short, our wheels roll and brake smoother as a result.


X-Ceramic Bearings

A bicycle’s speed is most determined by the performance of its revolving components. Wheels are a primary component of a bicycle, thus making an upgrade to ceramic bearings a worthwhile investment. There are 2 main features of using Ceramic Bearings:

1. Ceramic Balls are closer to perfect round: A steel ball in Grade G25 is meant to be a high quality ball in this material. If measured by size, its precision is 25/1,000,000 inch. Nevertheless, a ceramic ball can be made to be in Grade G5. Its precision is much higher than the best steel ball. That’s why we say Ceramic Ball is closer to perfect round. 2. Ceramic Balls are stiffer: Stiffness is very important to a ball used in a bike, it’s also called “Modulus of Elasticity”. A steel ball’s Modulus of Elasticity is around 30,000,000Pounds/Inch, while a ceramic ball’s is 47,000,000Pounds/Inch. These features make ceramic bearings an ideal upgrade that roll smoother and provide longer durability with easy maintenance. Also by upgrading to ceramic bearing, there are many other benefits over their steel counterparts:

Features Benefits
Higher hardness of rolling element
– Better wearability – Greater durability – Longer service life
Lower gravity
– Lightweighting the system – Lower centrifugal force during rotation, consequently less bearing wear and heat generation and bearings can run at higher speed
Higher stiffness
– Increase the rigidity of system – Less sphere deformation under load and this will transfer energy better
Higher precision and better surface finish of ceramic balls
– Less friction between ceramic balls and races – Less wear
– Less maintenance or maintenance free – Races will not block due to rusty
Magnetism free
– Less magnetic contaminations to be magnetized into the raceway that can affect smooth rotation and destroy the raceway
Electrical isolation
– No galvanically stimulated corrosion – Can be used in applcation that requires electrical isolation
Carbon Hub Shell
In order to decrease the overall wheel weight even further, carbon fiber is used in the central part of the hub. Carbon fiber also allow an increase in the strength of the shell.
Extremely Lightweight
With all the added benefits of our upgraded hubs, weights are only 88 Grams for front and 207 Grams for rear.
Sapim® CX-Ray Straight Pull
Sapim Spoke

CX-Ray are the best aero spokes in the world, weighting as light as titanium spokes all the while providing the best results in fatigue testing.

The article below from Sapim® describe the features of this spoke very well:

Its unique strength and flexibility make the CX-Ray suitable for most bicycle disciplines. The middle section of the spoke is drawn then pressed in a special mold to form its specific profile. CX-Ray spokes are used by top bike racers and triathletes around the world. Even downhillers use them, recognizing their strength and flexibility. Special alloy treatment and sophisticated production make this all possible. The CX-Ray fits is all standard hub holes.

Ref.: http://sapim.be/spokes/aero/cx-ray

Sapim® Self-lock nipples
Sapim Spoke

The newly patented Secure Lock nipple of Sapim is a locking mechanism that prevents nipples from untightening.

Highly precise and accurate machines have specifically been developed to produce this type of locking system. They ensure stable and well defined deformation on the thread.

Ref: <http://sapim.be/nipples/aluminium/secure-lock-nipples>