Worrying About The Damage During The Long Shipment? We Are Having The Most Protective Packing For Carbon Wheels Ever!

Worrying About The Damage During The Long Shipment? This Could Be The Most Protective Packing Ever.

We have been keep improving our product in every aspect, including the packing, as we ship our packages globally, the packing has to suffer the long transition.

Months ago we started to test the best packing, finally we found the balloon bags are the best one,

  • They are very protective, each bag is filled with air, a whole piece of joined bags takes 150kgs without broken. Which means an adult can stand on them but not to break them.
  • They are separated, even several of the bags get flat, the others stay still.
  • They are very lightweight, which will not increase the package’s weight.

We will start to apply this packing in the near future, if you have special requirement on the package, leave us a message when you place the order.

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