SDM™ DISC 23(Now Available In Ceramic Bearings)


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  • Industry’s First Disc Wheel With Ceramic Bearings.
  • Torayca® T800 Carbon Applied, As Lightweight As 980 Grams.
  • Full Carbon, Clincher Version Available.
  • Disc Brake Available.
  • Redesigned Weight Distribution, Improved Dynamic Balance.
  • Increased Outer Ring Weight, Better Inertia Performance.
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The Lightest Full Carbon Disc Wheel in The Industry


ULTIMATE™ Disc Wheel For T/T Triathlon Bikes



Why Is It So Light And Strong?

The SDM disc wheel features a aircraft level of PMI foam which machined to exactly match the inner space, and integrate with the carbon composite by resin.

We tested over hundred materials to test their strength and weight when they are integrated with the carbon composite, finally we found PMI delivers the best of strength and weight rate.

The PMI foam delivers high strength and low weight. By use of PMI foam, the SDM disc has been made to be extraordinarily lightweight, stiff and reliable.

Weight List

BiteX™ Hub Internal DT Swiss™ Road BladeX™ Disc BladeX™ Track
Standard Version: Clincher: 1320g
Tubular: 1210g
Clincher: 1350g
Tubular: 1240g
Clincher: 1360g
Tubular: 1250g
Clincher: 1360g
Tubular: 1250g
Lightwegiht Version: Clincher: 1120g
Tubular: 980g
Clincher: 1160g
Tubular: 1060g
Clincher: 1170g
Tubular: 1070g
Clincher: 1170g
Tubular: 1070g

Tech Specs

Size: 700C
Type: Clincher / Tubular

Standard Version: Torayca® T700

Lightweight Version: Torayca® T800

Basalt Braking Surface: Yes
Finish: Matte
Brake Track Width: 23mm
Internal Width: 15.9mm
Rider Weight Limit: 120kgs
Roundness Tolerance: <0.4mm
Flatness Tolerance: <0.4mm


  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Thanks for the inexpensive and good quality wheels.

    Image #1 from Anonymous
    Image #2 from Anonymous
  2. Michael (verified owner)

    Jason was very helpful with answering questions before I made the purchase. Wheel arrived quickly and the LBS had no issue installing them. Said it seemed like a solid wheel. I Have only tried it out in my townhome community. This weekend, I will try it out for a long ride and see how it does. So far, happy with my purchase.

  3. Eyal O. (verified owner)

  4. Toby C.

    Purchased a disc recently and had my first race on it last weekend and absolutely loved it!!!. Felt fast into the headwind. Recorded my fastest ever bike split using the disc with the BladeX 88mm front wheel. Looks great!!, Feels light and rolls smooth. Cant beat the price on such an awesome Disc.

    Image #1 from Toby C.
  5. Jim

    Can the 10 speed disc be upgraded to 11 speed?

    • admin

      Hi Jim,

      This Disc wheel is compatible with Shimano 9/10/11 speeds, with a spacer it’s 9/10 speed compatible, without a spacer, it becomes 11 speed compatible.

      BladeX Support Team

  6. Nate chellew

    I’m interested in a ten speed tubular disc but wanted to check pricing. I’m in Australia so can you tell me the price for the ten speed tubular disc in Australian dollars. Cheers Nate

    • admin

      Hello Nate,

      Our Disc Wheel is compatible with Shimano 9/10/11 speed, you can use it in 10 speed now, and upgrade to 11 speed in the future.

      According to today’s currency, the price for a Tubular Disc is $1252 AUD, including Free Shipping to Australia.

      Let me know if you have anymore questions, thanks!

      Best Regards!
      BladeX Support Team

  7. Wyatt

    I have purchased from you one pair of rims and i am really very happy with them. I wonder about your disc wheels (for triathlon).
    Can you tell me which is the best one you produce?
    and also can you show me pictures of these wheels how tehey look like in UD carbon and how they look like in 3k carbon? (i guess 3k is like pictures)
    also, i would like this wheel with no logos, is that possible?

    • admin


      Thanks for your contacting me. The disc wheel is the one of our best products, it is the latest version,and through a variety of test.

      This disc wheel is 3k, now the 3k wheels is a hot sale products on our store. The UD wheel can also be available, I will send pictures of these disc wheel to you.

      We can make the wheel with no logo.

      If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.thanks!

      Best Regards!


  8. Michael Jansson

    hi….is it clincher too or only tubular??what kind of paint /design finish you do?I want it quick ,wuthin 12 days max….is it possible?

    • admin

      Hi Michael,

      Tubular and Clincher are available, and need to make it 3K finish to guarantee the quality. We happen to have a wheel in stock(For Shimano 9/10/11 Speed).  If you need it urgently, we can ship by FedEX(4-7 days delivery). You only have to pay $49 extra for the shipping cost.


      • Michael Jansson

        Thanks for your reply…..the wheel you have in stock is tubular…?? because I can use only tubular.

        • admin

          Hi Michael.

          Yes, the disc wheel is tubular. Because buyer usually use tubular for racing.


          • Michael Jansson

            OK. I will place an order from you.

          • admin

            Thank you. Looking forward to your order. Have a nice day!

  9. Naveen Kumar

    Hi Jason,

    How are you?

    As you know I have been using the clincher disc for a while now and I thought may be I should give a small feedback on whats good and what can be better.

    Good –
    The wheel has a good weight spec, its heavy enough to carry good momentum and light enough to accelerate quickly and not be a hindrance on flyovers and small climbs.
    The Wheel is still in perfect circle and rolls straight even after many intense training sessions of acceleration and high speed bends.
    The wheel is no doubt strong as it is still in good shape even after around 3000kms of use on Indian roads.
    They accelerate better than my training wheels and the difference in time trial speed is also noticeable. (cannot measure the exact difference as everyday the conditions change with winds and traffic but it can be felt for sure)

    Areas of improvement –
    A 90 degree valve adapter, if provided with the product, will enhance its value as its not easy to fill air given the small valve pockets.
    The valve pocket reduces the weight from one end of the disc, I’m not sure if balance weight is added to other end but when rolling the wheel on stands I can feel the weight imbalance. So a solid valve cover with groove for the valve can help balance the wheel.

    I hope this will be of help.


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