BladeX PRO ROAD 38G Clincher


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  • Super Light And Stiff With G3 Spoke Pattern
  • Super Smooth With Ceramic Bearings
  • Covered By 1 Year Limited Warranty
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More Aerodynamics & Still Lightweight Due to a specially spoke pattern, this wheelset is very lightweight and stiff, it’s ideal for Climbing and Sprinting. It’s braking surface is reinforced with Basalt Fiber by high temperature resistance resin, which ensures you are freely to go up and down. This model is also covered by A 1-Year-Warranty, including over heating issue, but we have already tested it enough to ensure that will not happen under daily, training and racing riding.


G3 wheels

Type: Clincher
Material: Torayca T700
Finish: 3K Matte
Depth: 38mm
Size: 700C
Max Width: 23mm
Basalt Braking Surface: Yes
Nipple Hole Type: External
Max Tire Pressure: 120psi
Weight: CLINCHER: Front 638g, Rear 791g; 1429g In Total
Ceramic Sealed Bearings: Yes
Colors: Black
Type: Bladed
Colors: Black
Count: Front 18 And Rear 21
Lacing: Front: Radial, Rear: G3
Colors: Black
Material: Aluminum
Colors: Black
Material: Titanium
Weight: 46g/pair
Cassette Type: Campagnolo 9/10/11 Speed or Shimano 8/9/10/11 Speed
Max Recommended Rider Weight: 110 kgs


How fast of a bicycle is most determined by the performance of it's revolving components, wheels are the main components of a bicycle. This makes it reasonable to upgrade the bearings, all the points lead to a result, Ceramic material. There are 2 main features of using Ceramic Bearings:

1. Ceramic Ball is closer to perfect round: A steel ball in Grade G25 is meant to be a high quality ball in this material, if measured by size, it's precision is 25/1,000,000 inch.

Nevertheless, a ceramic ball can be made to be in Grade G5, it's precision is much higher than the best steel ball. That's why we say Ceramic Ball is closer to perfect round.

2. Ceramic Ball is stiffer: Stiffness is very important to a ball used in a bike, it's also called "Modulus of Elasticity". A steel ball's Modulus of Elasticity is around 30,000,000Pounds/Inch, while a ceramic ball's is 47,000,000Pounds/Inch.

Both of the main features make the bearing with ceramic balls smooth, easy to maintain and fit for all conditions.

Also upgrading to ceramic bearing brings a lot of benefits over the steel counterparts:

Features Benefits
Higher hardness of rolling element
- Better wearability - Greater durability - Longer service life
Lower gravity
- Lightweighting the system - Lower centrifugal force during rotation, consequently less bearing wear and heat generation and bearings can run at higher speed
Higher stiffness
- Increase the rigidity of system - Less sphere deformation under load and this will transfer energy better
Higher precision and better surface finish of ceramic balls
- Less friction between ceramic balls and races - Less wear
- Less maintenance or maintenance free - Races will not block due to rusty
Magnetism free
- Less magnetic contaminations to be magnetized into the raceway that can affect smooth rotation and destroy the raceway
Electrical isolation
- No galvanically stimulated corrosion - Can be used in applcation that requires electrical isolation


Carbon Fiber can deal with tension very well, but it’s not good at handling high temperature, in order to provide the smooth braking, we have to increase the Temperature Resistance for Clincher wheels. We use the Basalt material instead of Carbon Fiber when making the braking track, it increases the rim Temperature Resistance for about 150 Fahrenheit and conducts heat much better than Carbon Fiber. Basalt material increases the brake performance on wet condition without increasing the wear and tear on the braking surface.

This means that our rims can last longer than ordinary carbon wheel rims with the Basalt material. And this technology can also help our rims to stand wear and tear.


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