AMBASSADOR: Joakim Persson

IM Kalmar 17 Joakim Persson

Ambassador Information

You are welcome to contact Joakim Persson to arrange a Test Ride, and get a coupon of $300 from him after the Test Ride.
Contact Name: Joakim Persson


Täby, 18358, Sweden


Wheels Owned: SDM 9 Clincher    ULTIMATE Disc Radiation    PRO ROAD 88mm Clincher

About Joakim

All-around athlete competing in multiportevents all year around.

Summer mainly triathlon and swimrun, winter is all about cross country-skiing ang indoor biking.


Best bike split 90km average speed 35,34kh/h made on the Bladex PRO-ROAD 88mm carbon clincher.

2015 IM180 Kalmar finisher 11:08h

2016 IM70.3 Jönköping finisher 4:53h

2016 Going for sub 10h IM180 Kalmar Sweden

Speaks Swedish, English and German.


I’ve been riding BladeX Wheels since 2015 on different competitions as IM70.3 Jönköping and IM140 Kalmar and also “Vätternrundan 300km”.


PRO ROAD 488 Carbon Clincher(Now SDM 6X9):

Started with the early in 2015 with the older (before SDM) 88mm carbon clincher wheelset. Easy spinning Wheels with the ceramic bearings and very nice finish. These wheelset I used as my training and competing Wheels in whatever weather (rain, sun and so on).


Durability of the wheels are outstanding, no wear on the Braking Surface and good Braking Power even in Heavy rain (these wheelset also got the basalt braking Surface).


To have in mind I’ve been riding these wheels for at least 6000km with absolutely no problem and never even have had to make a spoke tension!


SDM 9 Carbon Clincher:

The SDM 9 is the follow-up and i got a pair in the start of 2017, first thing that hits you is the new finish with in my Point is significant better with smooth finish, this rim compared to the old is manufactured to easy fit a 25mm tire as the old rim would be a bit to narrow. These wheels came with the new type of hub, ceramic bearings.


I’ve ridden the wheelset for a couple of training sessions and a IM70.3 during 2017.


My impression riding the Wheels is that they are more rigid and stiffer than the PRO ROAD with transport more Power into the tarmac than the earlier Wheels. These Wheels can easily compare with a Zipp 808.


About speed: both of the above are race proven by me some fast wheels and i wouldn’t chose to ride any other wheel during my competition so far. 


Ultimate TT disk(Now SDM Disc):

Got the disk this summer and been training on it and most recently did the IM140 Kalmar with bike split of avg. 35,67 km/h (body weight 59kg), nice balanced disk that gets you that “throw away feel” over small rollers.


Nice finish, and the specifications you ask for when buying a disk, good braking performance but not as good as the SDM Wheels since the disk does not have the basalt braking Surface.


I recommend the Ultimate disk to anyone who´s asking.



All of the Wheels above have been remaining trued and spinning evenly after many km.

All of the Wheels are must buy in my opinion.

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