Who We Are

BladeX is the brainchild of veteran carbon composite engineer Paul Zhang. During the nine years that he spent working with the official OEM for Specialized Bicycle in Xiamen, he gained a deep level of familiarity with every step of the design process, learning how the components in the best wheelsets work with each other to create a smoother, faster, and more efficient ride.

Those years of practical experience left him uniquely qualified to start his newest venture into the wheelset world: a company committed to bringing people the finest and most affordable carbon wheelsets in the world.

What is BladeX?

BladeX is a company founded on the belief that the most important influence on any bicycle’s performance is the wheelset. Whenever this crucial component is light enough to help someone break away from the pack and cross the finish line first, tough enough to stand up to challenging mountain trails, and resilient enough to take the strain of daily training, the person riding that bike has more freedom to enjoy their favorite cycling pursuits, beat their personal records, and take on new challenges.

A few years ago, only the richest hobbyists could afford to upgrade their bikes with one of the carbon composite wheelsets that his company manufactured. Paul Zhang believed that any cyclist should be able to enjoy the performance effects of these premium wheelsets, so he developed techniques and technologies that allowed him to create lighter, stronger, and less expensive carbon wheels, giving cyclists everywhere a chance to transform their bike into the perfect match for their skills, their hobbies, and their dreams.

Our Philosophy

BladeX’s main mission is to make high-performance, premium-quality carbon wheelsets affordable for cyclists on a wide variety of budgets. We keep our production runs small, and we work on each of our products by hand, so that we can make sure that each piece of carbon is sound, that every part gets fitted together properly, and that the final product is good enough to meet both our high standards and your daily needs.

Become Our USA Partner

We are planning to set a base in the USA, and develop our new wheels line by Athlete Developed principle, that’s to say we will make wheels for those who rides everyday. So, we are now looking for an Athlete in the USA, who are willing to join us to help with the new product development. He will also become our partner, and will be in charge of BladeX USA.

If you are interested or you have a friend to recommend, please let me know, thanks!

Email Us: info@jasons296.sg-host.com

BladeX Bicycle Production Line

BladeX Bicycle Production Line

BladeX UCI Testing Lab

BladeX UCI Test Lab